Premade Book Covers

Covers! Covers! Covers!

I’m offering premade book covers for indie authors for a low $10.00 each. That’s right, only $10.00 each! Just click on the cover you like to enlarge the image!

What’s more, each cover is unique, so when you’ve purchased it it’s removed from sale. No one else will have it – now obviously, because I use stock photos to create the covers, another cover may use that particular image but it won’t be as you see it here.

Also, once you’ve selected the cover you like you tell me the title and your author name and I will add that in (what you see are placeholders on the covers shown here). Some other minor changes can take place too.

If you want a more customised cover, then prices will start at $15.00 and we’ll discuss things from there depending on what you require and what I can achieve using the programs I use plus Canva Premium.

I’m only just starting this venture, so hopefully with your support I can make it something to help fund my own writing!

Just fill in the form below, submit, and we’ll go from there. Hope to hear from you soon!

How to Purchase

Premade covers are AU$10.00 ea. As soon as you’ve selected the cover you like, contact me FIRST using the form above (include the title of the cover in your correspondence), and I’ll place the cover on ‘Reserved’ for you until we’ve agreed on any changes and you’ve then paid once you’re happy with what’s going to happen. PAYMENT MUST BE MADE before I begin work on your cover!

To pay:

  1. Click on the purchase icon.
  2. When payment is confirmed, I’ll email you the cover once I have replaced the placeholder title and author’s name with your desired title/author’s name/and any other changes you have informed me of. At this stage the covers are for eBook covers only and will generally be 2000×3280 pixels in dimensions (which is a good size for Amazon, Smashwords, and any other online eBooks seller).
  3. Please allow up to a week for me to do the work on your cover – and depending on the amount of work I need to do on your cover, it may be longer.

Additional information.

  1. I’ll work with you to ensure you’re happy with the cover you’ve chosen, but sometimes things don’t work out. Unfortunately, I can’t give a refund at this stage due to the low price if offer and the time required to prepare your cover. You will receive the work I’ve done up until that stage if you’ve changed your mind.
  2. Log in to wordpress (you need to create an account to do this) to view additional information.

Thanks for your support!

Custom Cover

Custom covers start from AU$15.00 ea. The same conditions apply as above. But please contact me first before any payments are made so we can work out what’s best for you and me. Thank you!

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