Pride Month Promo Sale

For the month of June (Pride Month) you can get “The Undeniable Self” for a low .99c. When you go to the book’s landing page HERE, add to cart then include the code AG64D before you checkout. The discount will be applied! Enjoy!

Eighteen-year-old Luke isn’t just gay; there’s something else about him he can’t define. He’s nervous and anxious all the time—and being uncomfortable in his own skin doesn’t help.

When he’s asked to be Sawyer’s boyfriend, a boy who’s caring, considerate, and a true gentleman, Luke thinks Sawyer might be just what he needs to help him be who he’s really meant to be.

But when it comes time for Luke to meet Sawyer’s parents, secrets are revealed that make Luke question everything. Secrets that include Sawyer as well.

Can Luke accept Sawyer and his family to help on the path toward accepting himself? Or will the tension it causes mean the end of their relationship? Sometimes happily ever after’s need to take a turn, no matter how difficult, if they’re meant to be.

Thank you for your support!

Just a note to say all stories I’ve self published have been professionally edited and professionally proofread – I believe self published books need just as much care and attention, perhaps more so, than traditionally published books.

And if you buy one of my books, I’ll appreciate you forever!

Artwork by Yuitsu

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