Three Novellas Added!

Today I’ve updated my Smashwords site again, this time by adding not one but three novella length stories (20-30, 000 words in length) for really great prices, too!

The Undeniable Self

Eighteen-year-old Luke isn’t just gay; there’s something else about him he can’t define. He’s nervous and anxious all the time—and being uncomfortable in his own skin doesn’t help.

When he’s asked to be Sawyer’s boyfriend, a boy who’s caring, considerate, and a true gentleman, Luke thinks Sawyer might be just what he needs to help him be who he’s really meant to be.

But when it comes time for Luke to meet Sawyer’s parents, secrets are revealed that make Luke question everything. Secrets that include Sawyer as well.

Can Luke accept Sawyer and his family to help on the path toward accepting himself? Or will the tension it causes mean the end of their relationship? Sometimes happily ever after’s need to take a turn, no matter how difficult, if they’re meant to be.

The Odd Days

The Preston Tigers’ new recruit is a hot boy named Matty…and he’s got Grayson all hot and bothered under the collar. It isn’t good for his anxiety, that’s for sure.

Before Grayson can make his move and ask Matty on a date, another boy, one who’s also hot and cute, gets in first. Grayson is suddenly out of the picture as far as Matty’s concerned, his best chance of getting a boyfriend gone.

Sure, Matty is the talk of the town, but Grayson is now all alone. Again. What does he have to do to find happiness? It can’t be that hard, can it? Just when he thinks all is lost, however, another opportunity unexpectedly presents itself.

One that will surprise Grayson and change his life forever.

Sometimes happy ever afters take a while to arrive, but when they do, magic happens.

I’ll Always Be There for You

Reece and Lachlan have known each other all their lives, spending every waking moment together if they can. In fact, they both have feelings for one another that goes well beyond friendship—they are soulmates.

At a party one night, Lachlan kisses Reece.

Reece gets scared by his overwhelming feelings for Lachlan and can’t reciprocate. He immediately regrets his decision, especially when Lachlan decides he must move on if Reece doesn’t want him in that way, pursuing the attention of Christian—the hot and fit captain of the Preston Dolphins swim team.

Reece wishes he could turn back time so he can correct his mistake. When Lachlan accepts a party invitation from Christian, Reece truly believes his chances with the only boy he’s ever loved are lost.

Can Reece get Lachlan back? Or will his happily ever after fade away like the memory of that one kiss that changed his world?

There is of course more information about each book on their separate pages! So thanks for being here and perhaps showing an interest in one of my stories.

Just a note to say all stories I’ve self published have been professionally edited and professionally proofread – I believe self published books need just as much care and attention, perhaps more so, than traditionally published books.

And if you buy one of my books, I’ll appreciate you forever!

Artwork by Yuitsu

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