Two More Stories

Today I’ve added some exciting new content onto the website! Yes, more reading! More stories! And more opportunity to support an indie author!

The first story (14,000 words) is titled: “At the Lake’s Shore” and is available HERE for a low $1.99. Here’s the blurb:

As the apogee of a blood moon approaches, a strange, supernatural entity seduces Valentine then summons him to a ruined temple within a mist-shrouded lake with the promise of eternal happiness.

When inside the temple, the entity demands Valentine sacrifice someone dear to him on the altar to complete their arrangement. That’s when Valentine’s fears are realised. Love is the greatest madness of them all and it will be more than his own life at stake if he doesn’t surrender to it.

The second story is titled “Edward’s Secret” (25,000 words) and is available for $2.99 right HERE but first, here’s the blurb:

Nolan’s dad pays for a cabin within the picturesque Dandenong Ranges for him and a friend of his choosing over Christmas break. A nice getaway present after a difficult senior year at high school.

He decides to take Edward, the boy he loves. But for whatever reason, Edward won’t make his feelings known for Nolan, even though there’s clearly something going on between them that’s more than friendship.

Nolan knows with all his heart that they both want to be boyfriends.

But when the reason is finally revealed after Nolan puts the pieces together, will he be able to still love Edward? Can Nolan bring himself to understand Edward’s unusual desires? Or will it mean the end of their relationship before it’s even blossomed?

Just a note to say all stories I’ve self published have been professionally edited and professionally proofread – I believe self published books need just as much care and attention, perhaps more so, than traditionally published books.

Thanks for reading and your support!

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