Writer’s Life

Artwork by Natsume Yuujinchou

How do you write?

And no, I’m not being literal here – I know you’ll either use a keyboard, pen & paper, notebooks, phones, dictation, or however else you get the words down. No, what I’m talking about is how you set yourself up for your writing time.

Do you have a ‘writing room’ or a space set aside for you to do your art?

Do you need an animal sunning itself by your feet, a cat or dog (or something else)?

How about music? Playing or not? And what type gets your creative juices flowing?

How about the time of day? Are you a morning, day, or night writer?

Me? I like music on (headphones) in which I listen to a good mix of stuff, but mostly instrumental. I also have a separate space (the back room of the house) and I need my cats with me. My cats seem to release a calming energy that I feed off of. I also write either in the morning or during the day. I read at night.

Put your answers in the comments. I’d love to know.

4 thoughts on “Writer’s Life

  1. I can write just about anywhere, but I’m most productive in my office when home alone, or in a noisy food court or library. The buzz of everyday chatter seems to help me focus on writing. If I’m at home, I absolutely must have music playing.
    I enjoy being able to watch my axolotls when I’m writing in the lounge room. Sometimes Nobby will come up to the glass and watch me 😛

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  2. I am still in the process of discovery, learning to know what works best for me. What I have noticed so far is that solitude suits me best and that my most productive time is early morning when everyone else is asleep. I find it easy to generate ideas anywhere though and with whomever. I just need to tell my company what I about to do.

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