To Draw Upon The Familiar’s Own

Okay, I’ve just finished my latest work, “The Magician’s Familiar” and yeah, really feeling the emptiness after having written some 115k, diverse characters that I loved – no, adored – and had a story that has been with me for a very long time. Years, in fact. As I started writing this one in 2017. Wow! No wonder I know Eltham, Ryan, Logor, and Drake so well!

I even made a companion to the story, a sort of “bible” if you will which explained the magic and other things that happened within the main book. And yes, I actually made this with my own drawings, by sticking things onto the pages, gluing in pretty papers, and using stickers from a craft shop as well as lettering and other fancy things. Its about 64 pages long! I remember it took me ages!

Here are some sample pics of it (some of these pages are described in the actual book too):

I used the images of my characters in the book I made so I knew what they’d be like when I wrote them. Also, a lot of things have changed since I did this “bible” for the practicality/logic/plot of the story being the main reason. But yeah, the bones of it all started here. It’s funny when I read over this now knowing what I kept and what I had to change for the story. Then again, I may add some of the elements in future tales. Never know!

I can’t wait until you can all read “The Magician’s Familiar” as I hope to post more things about it soon, including the blurb and a release date. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “To Draw Upon The Familiar’s Own

    1. And now you’ve seen the companion to the story, you’ll recognise some of its pages within the book you’ll read! How exciting for you!

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