Recharging the Batteries

I know I haven’t been around much lately. I haven’t even been on social media much either (and I’ve realised how refreshing that is to be absent from such things, both for my time and my mental health).

The thing is, after writing two stories in the Hereward series (over 250,000 words in less that 6 months), and almost halfway through the third book now, I realised I needed to take a break and recharge the batteries, so to speak.

To put it simply, the story needed me to take a step back. The waters were becoming muddy, so I needed to let things settle. As each day passes, things are becomming clearer and I have been writing once more, but not with so much pressure on myself.

It’s nice.

In the meantime, and between writing at a better pace, I started reading lots and gained more and more inspiration from other sources. One surprise I found was that I enjoyed reading Manga – sure, the Japanese translations were often wonky, but the artwork is breath-taking more often than not.

Here’s a cover of one such Manga I enjoyed (which is a series involved around a swim team and the young men who love each other).

I have also been reading more ‘Legend of Drizzt’ books and really enjoying them. I’m up to the 9th book where dark happenings are going on in the Underdark and Drizzt is being drawn into a war he’s tried to prevent between the Drow and the Dwarves.


Just thought I’d check in.

2 thoughts on “Recharging the Batteries

  1. I hear you! I haven’t written much for around a month or two. My musical muse has broken, so I’ve been having a bit of a break while I get back on my feet.
    Social media is such a drain, I’ve been limiting myself too. I’ve even taken to muting certain toxic people so they don ‘t bug me haha.
    Take care my friend x

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