I haven’t posted a book review (which isn’t really a review, just ramblings, as I’m known to do) because I’ve read a couple of books which didn’t interest me recently. One I did not finish. Life is too short to continue with stories one finds they cannot cope with.

But then I stumbled across “The Legend of Drizzt Do’Urden” books and well…I’m completely hooked. I’m up to book 6 and I have to say, I believe all the hype when it comes to this character. Yes, Drizzt is one of fantasy’s seminal characters, and as such, his story is one of adventure, magic, and friendships found.

I’m loving them so far.

Book 1, Homeland, introduces us to Drizzt and how he is quite different from all the other dark elves. A rich story already, full of character and culture. Very good.

The second book, Exile, we begin to see Drizzt realise he doesn’t belong in the subterranean world of his own people. He begins to meet others, and as such, creates friendships despite the reputation of his people.

In the third book, Drizzt ventures above ground. It is there the story really takes place, as Drizzt is feared be all the surface dwellers. With his faithful panther, the extra-planar creature named Guenhwyvar, the adventures truly begin!

The first real challenge for Drizzit (and his new friends) takes place in the fourth book. Barbarians and wizards and orcs, oh my!

The fifth book, in the continuing story sees Drizzit and his gang seek the fabled Mithral Hall of the Dwarves. It is here where dangers known and unknown lurk. One of Drizzit’s friends is kidnapped and now they seek to rescue him.

There. Told you it was a review that wasn’t a review! Just me saying how much I enjoyed the books, especially after reading some clunkers!

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