The Final Empire: Review

The first Mistborn book, “The Final Empire” started slowly, but thankfully I stuck with it and the reward of the story at the end was worth the wait. The writing was clean and pulled me along nicely. I really fell in love with Vin and her becoming the mistborn she was destined to be. I loved the way she thought and felt throughout the story. Well done.

The story was a complex one, justified for the 700 pages, and it is clearly set up for it to continue. As I believe there are 6 mistborn books. I have the first three so let’s see how they go! They are all about the same in length, so quite hefty reads. Something I like.

If you want to read high fantasy with little violence, no swearing, political intrigue/oppressed people, and a more complex plot with interesting characters, then this might be the one for you. So far so good for me!

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