Red Country, A Review…of Sorts

Here’s one of my reviews that aren’t quite reviews. This is the final in the trilogy that started with “Best Served Cold” then followed with “The Heroes” and now, “Red Country.”

Then again, all of these books ‘could’ be read alone, as there isn’t any story arc which binds them, other then them all being in the same universe and time/place. A couple of characters are seen in all three, but again, it won’t make things unreadable if you hadn’t read the others.

Having said that, I absolutely loved this book. I think it was the best of the three. I love Shy and Lamb and why they had to do things. I think their story, getting back their stolen children, was a powerful one, and made them do things they wouldn’t have otherwise dreamed of.

Shy is a beautifully drawn character and she developed the most. Lamb is a mystery, and I won’t spoil it by saying who he is (if you’ve read Abercrombie’s book before, you’ll know). That’s all I’m saying.

I also think this book finished things off nicely, but left the author with more to do if he so wished. Let’s hope he does keep the stories flowing in this universe. I have his new series to read next (well, the first two that have been released) and I can’t wait to get into them after a couple of other reads to complete.

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