The Heroes

Here I come to “The Heroes” the second book in the second grimdark trilogy of the “First Law” universe, by the consummate master of the genre, Joe Abercrombie! Gosh, I do love his books. They are dark and bloody and sometimes just what’s needed as they reveal truths about humanity. Truths many other authors may not wish to delve into, and especially not in fantasy.

This book is raw bone, biting wind, driving snow kind of stuff. Perfect!

The characters in this book are neither good nor bad. Neither evil or angelic. They are human, innards and blood and attitude and failings, and all. They do thing for their own purpose. They do things for self reward. They do things for love. For hate. And yes, out of all of it, in this book there are no real winners! After all, who really wins a war?

There’s always a cost. A price to pay; even for the so-called victors.

So, in my reviews that aren’t really reviews, as I don’t give scores, or really even talk about plot, just my own nebulous thoughts, yes, I enjoyed this one. I had a sense it was perhaps about 100 pages bloated, but hey, those pages were still soaked in the blood of the vain and and the guilty alike, so who am I to complain?

For grimdark, look no further.

I’m onto the next book, and final in the trilogy “Red Country” right now.

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