A Story to Tell

Pictures are worth a thousand words they say. And it’s true. Nothing inspires me more than seeing good photos when it comes to my writing; and I usually create a lot more than a thousand words from pictures, let me tell you. I’m a very visual person.

In my latest book, my fantasy epic (now 3/4 of the way through book 2), I have travelling jongleurs as two characters who come into the story to enhance the plot: jongleurs being travelling musicians who do tricks and other things to entertain the common folk in villages etc.

This photo what what inspired me to write Horan and Joran (brothers), my travelling jongleurs.

This is a 1902 original Hearst wagon, and what a story it could tell.

And it did.

In my story I have it pulled by a mighty piebald Clydesdale stallion! And the two jongleurs, brothers, are mysterious and have a very interesting story to tell, secrets too! What’s more delicious than a good secret in a story, hey?

Gosh I love this stuff! Happy writing Everyone!

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