King of Thorns

I enjoyed the second book of the Broken Empire trilogy, “King of Thorns” a lot. As far as middle books go, anyway. The final book, “Emperor of Thorns” is next up on my reading list. I’m also really enjoying anti-hero Jorg and his journey as he struggles for power and to reclaim himself, his title, after he lost his mother and brother and his father disowned him. It all sounds noble doesn’t it? Trust me, Jorg is a cheat, a liar, and will do anything, including kill thousands upon thousands, to reach his goal: emperor of the world. This is grimdark fantasy. There is blood on almost every page. Can’t wait to read the last book in the series.

Now. Here’s a map. Look familiar? It’s what Europe and surrounds will look like years after a nuclear winter, and the seas have risen and fallen. Unfortunately, it looks like the UK is worse for wear after such times.

And of course, after that, I’ve got to post some art work (as is usual with my reviews that aren’t reviews) Here is the cover for the book for those folks in Georgia (the country against the Black Sea, not the US state). Love it!

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