Prince of Thorns

To be fair, I know my reviews have been scantly clad as just me wanting to share the books I’ve enjoyed and not really saying anything else. My reviews have lacked a review, as it were. And that’s the way it’s going to stay.

I will say that Prince of Thorns was good. Very good. We follow the story from 10 year old Jorg and go from there (by the end of the book he’s 15). It’s the first in a trilogy and I can’t wait to get stuck into the next one. It’s grimdark. Bloody. And very delicious. The words and language Lawrence uses are exciting and fresh and I loved the writer’s style.

I will also say the books we read do have a lot to do with the books we’ve read before it. I read the phenomenal series “The Demon Cycle” by Peter V. Brett, then I read another book which, unfortunately turned out to be rubbish (for me). Therefore, by the time I came to read this book, I was hoping for something good. And it delivered. I’m sure if I’d read this after the Demon Cycle books, I may not have been impressed. But who knows? Or perhaps this book was one I needed after the rubbish book?

I want to share a piece of fanart of the book with you. Hey, you know you’ve made it as an author when people start going fan art, right? The depiction of Jorg is just how I imagined him, sly and sneaky looking. A cunning boy with more to his name than meets the eye. Which, of course, he is. Here he is meeting Jane and Gorgoth under the mountain that holds a nuclear experiment within a massive bunker (the world of Prince of Thorns takes place eons after a nuclear war and the people before them were known as the Builders. Some of their technology remains). Some people’s of the land have been affected by radiation. Jane (the girl depicted) is one of them.

Artwork is by Lauren Newburg.

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