It Has Ended…and Begun

I’m finally done with my latest WIP (work in progress). Like a boy having defeated a terrible monster, I’m done with it. Slayed it. I’ve read it a million times (exaggerated I know, but that’s what it feels like) and my eyes can’t bleed any more. Nor my fingers. I’ve sent it off to my editing mentor and dear friend to now give them the headache of my words and the pain they will inflict upon them! Us writers are savages, aren’t we?

But I have to say, this was the most I’ve ever taken on when it came to my writing. I really challenged myself and tried to do something a little different without it being too far out. I came to love the characters and can’t wait to get into their heads again and write more of their adventures. I also created a whole new world with its own rules. I loved doing it.

But sending it off for editing is just the next step on a long, long road. I promised myself I would do the synopsis this week but didn’t get anywhere near it. I had my boss monster to slay. I wasn’t happy with a few things, but that’s all changed now. I’m happier…note I said happier, not happy. Is a writer ever happy? Now I can tackle a new monster, the synopsis.

Let the battle begin again…

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