The Core (Demon Cycle)

I know I’m late to the party when it came to reading these books. The last of the series, book 5 The Core, was released in 2017. But hey. I got there. And I’m glad I did. These books swept me away. I loved them. Sure, there were spots where things slowed and certain plot points caused me to pause, but for an overall extravaganza of fantasy these books really hit the spot.

The Demon Cycle is:

The Warded/Painted man

The Desert Spear

The Daylight War

The Skull Throne

The Core

There are also shorter ‘novella’ type books as well to enhance and add to the story lines. So far:

The Great Bazaar and Brayan’s Gold

Messengers Legacy


So there’s plenty of words to get into if you want to start reading this amazing fantasy series. It’s well worth it. I flew through the pages even though each book weighs in at around 800 pages per book (not including the novellas).

Again, like the cover for The Skull Throne, the artwork for The Core was amazing. The demon featuring on it was an actual model, created by Millennium FX

This is then used on the cover, once again done by Larry Rostant

I have to say, there was one character’s death that devastated me in this series. There was another death that seemed senseless and without reason and didn’t even show how it happened, only the result. A bit disappointing.

Other than that, the story was amazing and the world building was superb. I simply loved it. Now I’m finished, there is certainly a hole left where the characters lived while I was reading about them.

Highly recommended.

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