The Lonely Road

Writing is frustrating, joyous, heartbreaking, exciting, but above all, it’s a lonely activity. Sure, one can join writing groups such as those on social media (Facebook, Twitter etc), or become a part of the various writing communities in real life. But at the end of it all, despite the interaction with others, the job of writing is down to only onto one person. The writer. And that’s the best and most difficult part, as wrestling with yourself, your greatest and worst critic, is 24/7 and every day of the year. It never stops.

Sure, getting advice, interacting, having an alpha reader, critique partner/s, beta readers/s is a good thing. A needed thing, these days, really. Even sensitivity readers are becoming more an more important. But that doesn’t stop the constant flow of emotions, doubts, and dread when it comes to writing does it?

So this week, I’m tackling the query letter and synopsis for “Immortal Whispers” by myself. Me. Alone. I’m sure my impostor syndrome will come to the fore on many occasions as I do so. Yes, I have people who I can show the result to for feedback, but as I said, it’s a lonely road writing. In all forms. I feel like I’m taking on a dragon by myself with the synopsis. I mean, I wrote a 97k word novel, but writing a 500 pages synopsis of said novel seems daunting. Even the query letter doesn’t bother me as much as a synopsis.

The synopsis, by its very nature, is dry and dull. Sure, they point out the plot arc, but really the thing I find hard in doing them is to not add too much flourish. Or get carried away with minutiae. I’m a fantasy writer, after all. I love details and world building and describing things in length. Adding characters. Intrigue. Monsters. The synopsis doesn’t allow for this (nor should it). Therefore, as I walk another step on the lonely path, it’s time to really get my logical editing brain into gear as I tackle the synopsis this week.

Wish me luck…

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