The Skull Throne

I have to say, for me, these books are getting better and better. The depth, detail, and richness of the world is amazing. And of course, this one features my favourite character on the cover! Rojer Halfgrip! The fiddler with the magical muse who kills demons in the naked night.

Speaking of covers. The cover artist, Larry Rostant, has not only created beautiful, memorable covers, he has also created another version which did not see print, but lovely all the same. Here it is.

If you noticed (with a keen eye) in the last cover image, Rojer is missing fingers of his right hand. That’s when a demon got him and bit some of his fingers off. In the alternative cover pic above, those fingers haven’t been photo-shopped out yet, and I imagine it’s because it wasn’t used for the final version. Still, would have made an awesome cover, that’s for sure.

And here is the cover minus the title/author’s name. Lovely costume work. Would make a great cosplay outfit, that’s for sure.

See? I told you my reviews would be different. I’m now onto the last book of the Demon Cycle: The Core. I also ordered the short novel, The Great Bazaar and Brayan’s Gold, which should come next week and is a part of the Demon Cycle universe. I can’t wait!

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