The Things That Inspire

Many have asked me what inspires my writing. I’m quite prolific, on average writing 1500 words per day, everyday. Where is all that inspiration coming from? It’s been a long process to become so organised and prolific, but I have to boil down the reasons I get inspired into two main things.

Reading: Now, I know this sounds trite, but really, reading does inspire creativity for me. Reading other authors helps hone my own voice and aids me to tell my story in my own way. How? Because I can see what works and what doesn’t. Many have said, especially in writing community forums/social media, that you shouldn’t read while you’re writing as it will muddy your own processes. I’ve never felt that. And besides, I’m always reading and writing, so if I waited until I wasn’t doing one to do the other, I’d get nothing done. I’m not just talking in the genre I write in, either. I read a wide variety of genres, from historical fiction to detective/mystery to science-fiction to autobiographies to non-fiction books. I simply love reading.

Pictures/photos/artwork: This one is a huge one. Nothing inspires me more (aside from reading) than seeing a picture which gets the creative juices flowing. I’m a very visual person and love flicking through books or websites for images to inspire. The ‘ah-ha’ moment when I see something that brings a story to life in my head is the best moment ever. Some photos have indeed inspired a thousand words (and many, many more).

Take the picture below. This photo inspired my biggest novel to date and the current work I’ve just completed: “Immortal Whispers.”

As soon as I saw this image I had to tell this young man’s story. Had to. Who is he? Where is he from? What’s he going to do? How would he react if…etc, etc? This photo then inspired the character of Wymond in my story. Yes, he went from what you see here to an oblate in a monastery of monks that can hear the whispers of universe, but still, the roots of who he was came from this photo. I love when that happens. I hope this have given you a little insight into what inspires me.

The other thing I noticed over the years is to just write to become inspired. Writing inspires writing. If ever I got stuck on something, I’d walk away from it (by literally going for a walk), coming back to it later. 9 times out of 10 inspiration struck while I was on that walk. And you don’t have to write on your story. Writing a blog post is writing. Writing a letter. An article. Whatever. Just write. And read. And be inspired by the things that inspire you.

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