More Map Fun

After yesterday’s rather serious post, I decided to share all the lovely maps and inspiration I’ve used for my world within the pages of “Immortal Whispers”. Enjoy.

This first map is the Kingdom where the majority of the story takes place, Suvanwold. It’s not 100% where I wanted things, and as the story progressed, some things changed. For example, the Silver Tower would actually be farther away and within red-rocked ravines. But for what it was, this map sufficed to help me imagine where things were in relation to each other.

Above is a more detailed map of Dragon Lake and the monastery of the Whispering Monks within the Steps to Heaven mountains. I rather liked how it turned out and it helped me immensely when it came to picturing the scale of things and where things were.

The underdark city of Gethrene is my next map. This is the city of the enemy, dark magical Elves known as Drows.

And finally, the Silver Tower. This is where I changed things to make the tower within a ravine, which isn’t represented in the regional map above. Hey, I’m a writer and my muse likes to mix things up.

As I said before, all maps are made using Inkarnate

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