The Lands of the Eleven Kingdoms

Every fantasy novels needs a map (or three…or ten). I mean, how else would you know where the dragons lived? Because as readers, that’s darn important information.

The world I’ve created for my novel “Immortal Whispers” is known as Landmere. The particular section of Landmere where things take place is Suvanwold (just above the middle bottom part of the map shown), a kingdom within the Eleven Kingdoms, ruled by King Hurald. And yes, you can see there are dragons there.

I’ve used Inkarnate to draw my vision as you see it. Over the coming weeks I’ll show you the other maps I’ve come up with. No, they won’t appear in the novel itself in this form, as I’m sure a publisher will get their own artist to do the maps for the story. See? I’m being positive in saying that. Because yes, I’m determined to get published. Determined.

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