The Art of Reinvention

I’m coming to my 50th birthday soon. A milestone I thought would be one filled with celebration and good times with loved ones. Then 2020 happened and we were all placed in lockdown. Still are as of writing this. And even though I feared the worst for what lay ahead, I decided to reinvent everything I was doing. Go back to my roots of what I loved the most when it came to my writing, because let’s face it, being stuck at home has been no joy. I needed to do something for my own mental health.

I began to write and read a lot more fantasy. Before now, I was writing and reading contemporary fiction and a few other genres as well, from historical fiction to detective stories. I love to read widely. But my first love has always been fantasy. And fantasy has come a long way since my youth, that’s for sure.

So here I am. At the end of my first true fantasy novel “Immortal Whispers”. For this one I will also reinvent the way I do things as I’ve honed my craft. I’m going to submit it to agents/publishers instead of self publishing or going the small press route. I believe, deep within me, I have a career in writing and as such I need to take what I do to the next level.

As I approach 50 I’m starting all over again. And I love it.

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